Everything At A Glance

The matchup, squares sold, pricing and payouts, the winners - it's all there from the beginning.

Means Less Hassle

When players can find all the key information needed before, during and after a game in a single glance, hosts spend less time answering the same questions. Less questions means less hassle.

Different Size Grids

Choose from 4 different grid sizes to fit any size group. With options for 25, 50 or 100 squares, you can go big or keep it low key.

Win-Win Hosting

Anyone who’s hosted, knows it can be hard to fill a grid. Smaller options reduce the stress on you and give players better odds. Sounds like a win-win to us.

No Accounts Needed

Don't worry about having to sign up. GridKings' simplified implementation doesn't require an account to get up a grid up and running fast.

No Strings Attached

Send out your invites worry-free. You’re not obligating anyone to sign up or download the app. All they need is the link and they can follow along from any device, browser or operating system.

Custom Payouts

Adjust the total payout to take a little off the top for yourself or make some payouts worth more than others. Customize however you like.

Great For Charity

When you’re playing for something greater than yourself, the game feels even more worth it. Change the values to be whatever for whomever. Good on you.

Manage Your Players

The player list not only shows everyone who's in and for how much; it allows hosts to easily track who's paid.

Public Shaming Works

Every host knows the struggle and stress of playing the collector. The player list makes it clear to everyone who the deadbeats are. We made it visible to everyone so you don’t have to make it awkward. We’re fine playing the bad guy.

Manage Your Games

Find all the grids you're hosting in a single list that gives key information needed to manage them easily.

Sorted For Clarity

NFL and Custom grids are managed in different lists to keep things clean. Delete old grids for even more minimalist management.

Upcoming Enhancements

Thank you to the community for being vocal about the features and functionality you want next. Here’s what we’re working on for next season!


Here at GridKings, we love sports and sports betting. And while fantasy football gets easier every year, hosting and managing a sports pool still feels like spreading cold peanut butter on warm bread. Save the paper, pen, scissors for arts and crafts. GridKings provides a digital solution to a classic game.

GridKings is designed to help those in the most pain when it comes to hosting a pool … the host. From creating a grid, to getting the word out, to adding players, to tracking who’s paid and keeping everyone up to date. Standing up and managing a pool is easier than ever.

These early releases are designed to help the host and minimize barriers to entry for players. Future releases of GridKings will implement more quality of life and player-facing features that our users have been asking for. So stay plugged in and keep the feedback coming.


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